5 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet While Eating Out

5 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet While Eating Out

When you’re on a diet, eating out can be a daunting task. But there’s no reason you have to avoid restaurants completely when you’re trying to cut calories. With a little planning, it’s possible to eat healthy at a restaurant. Here are five tips to help you stay on your diet while enjoying a meal out with family and friends.

Choose Healthy Cooking Options

Fried foods are generally known to contain high fat content and should be avoided, but also look out for foods that are listed as braised, crispy, and breaded, as these may also be greasy and calorie-loaded. Dishes that include cheese and sauce may include hidden calories, so ask if they can be left out of your meal. Healthy cooking methods include grilling, broiling, baking, and steaming.

Consider Restaurant Choices

Before you head out for a meal, do some research about where you can find the healthiest options. Most restaurants offer diet-friendly menu choices, such as salads and soups, in addition to their traditional fare. Don’t be afraid to call a restaurant in advance and ask about what’s available. Many restaurants, such as Rib City American Fork which sells ribs in the Salt Lake City area, also show their menu options online.

Order Your Drink Wisely

Drink menus often contain sugary sodas, iced teas, and alcoholic beverages that are filled with empty calories. When you’re on a diet, ordering a cold glass of water is the wisest choice you can make. Drinking water before you begin eating can also help fill your stomach, which will make you eat less. Other low-calorie drink choices include ginger ale and club soda.

Be Careful With Portions

Restaurants tend to serve super-size portions, so try dividing your food in half before you begin eating. You can even ask the waiter for a takeout container when your meal arrives, so that tempting food is out of your sight. Smaller portions may also be available on the kid’s menu. And go slowly to avoid overeating. Sip water and eat in small bites, taking the time to truly savor your food.

Ask About Food Preparation

Don’t hesitate to ask about specializing your order. You can request that menu items be prepared without salt or butter. If you’re uncertain of how a menu item is cooked, ask. Oftentimes the wait s
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